30/03/2020 Sokolov

Sokolov V. We have written a new keyboard event handling script.


What’s New

  1. No additional configuration is required for the Mozilla Firefox browser.
  2. return works on Macintosh computers.
  3. In the Google Chrome browser in pause, the window with the lesson does not close when accessing other windows.
  4. Pressing CapsLock and the function keys adds one error.

Please post here questions about using the simulator

2 thoughts

  1. Класс!!!!

    Просто супер! Печатаю взахлёб)))) Молодцы. Перепробовала разные программы, ваша по душе и по карману))))

    • SokolovSokolov

      Klass!!!! wrote: Very good!

      Thank you!

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