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March 30, 2022       Sokolov

Sokolov V. We have written a new keyboard event handling script.


What's New

  1. No additional configuration is required for the Mozilla Firefox browser.
  2. return works on Macintosh computers.
  3. In the Google Chrome browser in pause, the window with the lesson does not close when accessing other windows.
  4. Pressing CapsLock and the function keys adds one error.

8 thoughts

  1. steve

    i just come up to your website it looks nice, good luck with it, i have been using it’s good too make sure to check it.

    • Sokolov

      Good start.
      Now you need to place a backlink to us on your site.

  2. Sokolov

    Hi there
    I just want to ask for your advice. Many years ago I learned and still use a typing style where my index fingers are on V and N, middle on F and J, ring on D and K, pinky on S and L. But I see nobody is using that style. What would you suggest should I re-learn proper common style? Because I going to practice to increase my speed
    Thanks in advance

    Thank you for your question.
    Your hand position is often recommended in Russian manuals as a variation of the so-called “alternative hand position”.
    The Windows app Stamina, which formed the basis of our web simulator, is noted as one of the first to support this approach.
    Therefore, your printing method can be considered progressive. To use it or traditional – we recommend making a choice based on individual feelings (whichever is more convenient).

  3. Sokolov

    If somebody needs to practice Tab key, there is the lesson editor that works with some navigation keys and tabulation (interface in Russian):
    Write in WordPad:

    a Tab b Tab c SpacebarSpacebarSpacebar

    Insert it there.
    It will be:
    (screenshot of lesson with tabulation)

    And practice your keyboard:

    a Tab b Tab c Spacebar Spacebar Spacebar

  4. atti

    hi, thank you for your work!

    here, ***, a developer from India, is selling Stamina for $3.
    is he somehow affiliated with you?

    • Sokolov

      Hello! Thank you for your feedback.

      Our media is not affiliated with this seller. His software is not original Stamina.
      The license of original Stamina by Alexey Kazantsev does not permit commercial use.

  5. Kaalen Goonga


    First off, congratulations for an outstanding program.

    A few remarks if I may:

    1. I have been using the Arabic typing program. It is fantastic. Just one observation: the contrast between the typed letters and the untyped letters is not sharp enough. It is hard to see the next letter to be typed. Distinct colors such as black and white or red and white would be helpful.

    2. I also looked at the alternative typing program versus the traditional approach. It is very interesting. However, while I do appreciate your sense of humor, most of the content is lost to me probably because English is a distant secondary language to me. For instance despite the illustration, the placement of the fingers on the home keys is not quite clear. Case in point what finger types the B. Is it either index finger depending on the last letter typed? That is the only logical answer I can come up with. Please clarify.

    3. I can decently type using the traditional method, but I am currently learning to type in Arabic and would like to experiment with the alternative method. I think I can adapt it to my Arabic typing practice.

    Appreciate your assistance.

    • Sokolov

      Thank you for your comment and your email. Have you got my answer yesterday?

      1. The typed letters and the not typed letters differ in both color and background. Try using the Mozilla Firefox web browser or increasing the contrast of the screen. We do not consider different colors of letters convenient, as this will tire the eyes. In addition, working in our simulator should be similar to the conditions of real work, so that the exercises are more useful.
      2. I don’t use alternative finger placement myself. There are several different ones:
        method 1
        method 2
        One of them recommends pressing the letter B with your left hand (source:
        method 3

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